It’s the day before our national conference and a good time to reflect on our work.  Tomorrow we have 100 delegates joining us in Birmingham from across the country to learn about our research project with Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Sheffield City Council.

The research project was kindly funded by The Health Foundation. 

We worked with vulnerable children in Sheffield to improve their sleep, on average the children gained an additional 2.4 hours sleep per night after intervention.  The benefits of the improved sleep were enormous for parents, carers and the child.  Families spoke about how their isolation has reduced, how they feel more motivated during the day, how finances have improved as a result of being able to go back to work – a whole host of improvements thanks to getting a good night’s sleep. 

We are very excited about sharing the project with other organisations across the country and hope it will lead to more sleep services being established to help the many families who currently can’t access sleep support.

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