The Children's Sleep Charity Founder and CEO Vicki Dawson has today shared news of the partnership between the charity and Netmums  "I am delighted that The Children’s Sleep Charity will be working alongside Netmums to provide sleep information to families.  We know that sleep issues can impact on the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of children and their families yet there is still a lack of support freely available for families. 

Vicki continues "Since 2014, The Children's Sleep Charity has already reached thousands of parents via our accredited training for professionals who work within communities. Our partnership with Netmums will assist our charitable aim of ensuring all children get a good night's sleep.

Founded in 2000 Netmums has over 8.5 million unique users each month, and is visited by 3 out of 4 UK mums. It has a vibrant and active social media presence regularly reaching 11 million on Facebook

Julia McGinley, is Head of Support at Netmums " The Netmums forum is a place where mums can chat about issues from EastEnders to domestic abuse, potty training to  PND.  Our team of Parent Supporters work every day to help members who are most in need by offering responsive knowledgeable advice and have helped more than 500.000 mums on a one to one basis.  In May 2016 we were proud to have been recognised by Treato as a safe online community for mums to discuss and get advice for their PND.  We know that children's sleep is a big issue for mums with low mood and we are thrilled to partner with the Children’s Sleep Charity to help support more mums”

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