The Sleep Tight training course has been produced in partnership with Professor Heather Elphick from Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s sleep clinic and provides comprehensive training and awareness in sleep issues, and a "ready to use" sleep workshop resource - which will enable your staff to deliver their own workshops directly to families within your local community.

This training will examine the importance of sleep and resolving sleep issues using cognitive and behavioural therapy techniques.  Participants will be provided with training materials to use directly with families so that 5-week workshops can be held in your locality All the materials are provided to offer these workshops including a PowerPoint and photocopiable handouts.

 Sleep Tight was recently independently evaluated by Nottingham University, the findings were published in the Journal of Health Visiting. On average, children had 2.5 hours more sleep per night after the intervention. Parents reported changes in family life and child’s daytime behaviour. The findings support the use of Sleep Tight as an effective, time-limited behavioural sleep programme. This course is accredited  with the CPD Standards Office

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