“We always had a problem with our seven year old son George settling at bedtime. It was just a complete nightmare for us to leave the room, and I mean it was horrendous. It overtook our lives and really affected all of us. When you are stuck in this place with your child at bedtime, you feel trapped, isolated, fed up, depressed and alone. The whole situation felt quite overwhelming most of the time, it really does take over your life in such a negative way it's awful.

 I was of the mind-set that it had to change, surely one day somehow, it has to?

But over the years I had come to realise that us being in George’s bedroom at bedtime, was what he now expected, and it made him behave the way he did when we left (or tried to)

The never ending cycle continued over and over - no matter what we did.

As desperate as I felt, I always held out some hope. I have attended various sleep clinics over the years, had so much help and support from various professionals, but nothing ever seemed to work.


Then I attended a workshop from The Children’s Sleep Charity. Helen was our trainer, and she was just so positive, determined, focused and professional. No matter what, she didn't falter, and I loved that. Her positive and determined approach made me feel empowered, and so determined that finally I was going to do this.


Initially I wanted to wait to make any changes until my husband was home to start the new routine, and then Helen e-mailed me just to say Hi, and to see how I was getting on, and that was the encouragement I needed, I just thought  - what am I waiting for? I need to do this on my own, just get on with it…. So I did!

I cannot tell you how good it felt, I was 100% determined. All of the help and support from the Children’s Sleep Charity I was now putting it into practice. I actually felt quite empowered and a changed person, I felt so positive too, it was an amazing feeling. It is all still going very strong now.

We are NEVER going back to where we were - EVER again.

This is all purely down to The Children’s Sleep Charity, I honestly mean that.

What I would say to anyone considering the training? Just do it, and it will hopefully change your life, like it has for myself and my family. Be completely open minded to the course, embrace everything you are taught that day, stay focused and determined, because without this you will not achieve what you need to with your child. Above all trust The Children's Sleep Charity trainer on the course, they know what they are talking about 100%, you need to believe in everything that they teach you, commit to it, and above all you must follow the processes you are taught on the course. 

I have done this with my son, and it works!

After having bedtime settling problems for five and a half years, I put into practice everything I was taught on this course, stayed focused and determined, and within 3 weeks it worked. For the first time in five and a half years we were able to leave the room straight away at bedtime, and my son settled himself to sleep, and we haven't looked back since. It really has been life changing for us. Without attending the Children's Sleep Charity workshop, hand on my heart, none of this would have been possible. I would strongly recommend the Children’s Sleep Charity to anyone that needs help and support with bedtime sleep settling for their child"

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